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Lake Garda Weather & Best Time To Visit

Lake Garda Weather & Best Time To Visit

Lake Garda Weather

Lake Garda weather is unique as it has its very own micro-climate, thanks to the huge basin of water and the winds that come from the north & south.

The micro-climate causes mild winters which don’t get too cold, whilst the summer months can also be quite mild. Both the mild winters and summers allow for the growth of numerous foods such as lemons and olives.

In fact, Lake Garda is the northernmost region in Europe to produce olives.

If you’re looking to visit Lake Garda, this climate gives you the best of both worlds. It means outside the peak summer months, it can still be pleasant enough to visit with temperatures dropping, while the summer months themselves are warm but they never get too hot.

Does it rain a lot in Lake Garda?

Rainfall happens all year round in Lake Garda, with the dryest months being January – March. Whilst August is one of the hottest months of the year, it also has the most rainfall.

Does it snow in Lake Garda?

It very rarely snows in Lake Garda itself, but snow can be seen pretty much all year round on the mountains in the north of the lake. This is why winter sports are very popular in Lake Garda for most of the year.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Lake Garda?

This depends on what you are looking for. The peak summer months (July & August) are obviously the months with the best weather, but they are always the busiest and most expensive in terms of flights and hotels.

If you still wanted some warm weather but wanted to avoid the crowds, then May, June, or September are great times to visit.

The winter months can be quiet on Lake Garda, with most tourist attractions, bars & restaurants closing. There are plenty of winter sports to enjoy in the winter months, including skiing & snowboarding on the top of Monte Baldo.

Below you will find a breakdown of the weather by month;

Lake Garda Weather In January

Average temperature: 2°C

High: 5°C

Low: -2°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 3

Average rainy days: 9

Whilst January is the coldest month of the year in Lake Garda, it also has the least rainfall. So it’s a great time to visit if you want to have fun with some of the winter sports on offer on Monte Baldo, whilst enjoying some winter strolls along the Lake – all without getting wet!

Bear in mind that as January is out of season, most attractions, bars & restaurants will be closed, or operating on shorter hours than in the peak summer months.

Lake Garda Weather In February

Average temperature: 4°C

High: 8°C

Low: 1°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 5

Average rainy days: 9

Similar to January, February is a relatively dry and mild month in Lake Garda, although temperatures are starting to warm up as it nears early spring. You can still enjoy winter sports as well as boat trips on Lake Garda.

Lake Garda Weather In March

Average temperature: 8°C

High: 13°C

Low: 3°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 6

Average rainy days: 10

March can be a very pleasant time to visit, with possible highs of 13°C. You will also see more of the lake start to open up again as it prepares for the summer season. For example, the ferry from Malcesine to Limone begins again in March.

 Lake Garda Weather In April

Average temperature: 12°C

High: 17°C

Low: 7°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 6

Average rainy days: 10

April is a good time to visit Lake Garda. The weather is really starting to warm up as it enters spring, more tourist attractions, bars & restaurants are re-opening for the peak season and there are still fewer crowds than in the summer months.

We would recommend packing a coat as there can be quite a bit of rainfall, and a jacket is essential as the temperature can drop quite low in the evenings.

 Lake Garda Weather In May

Average temperature: 17°C

High: 22°C

Low: 11°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 7

Average rainy days: 13

In our opinion, May is one of the best times to visit Lake Garda. You’ve got the weather, you’ve got numerous attractions opening back up properly, and you are avoiding the peak summer crowds too.

We would still recommend packing a light raincoat, as it can get a little wet in May. That being said, the showers are quite refreshing, so we wouldn’t let that put you off!

 Lake Garda Weather In June

Average temperature: 21°C

High: 26°C

Low: 15°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 9

Average rainy days: 12

Similar to May, June is one of the months we would recommend visiting Lake Garda. June is hotter than May, has more sunshine per day, and it gets on average on less day of rainfall too.

June is the perfect time to discover some of the beaches Lake Garda has to offer, or relax and enjoy watching the world go by with a nice glass of wine or Aperol Spritz.

Lake Garda Weather In July

Average temperature: 24°C

High: 29°C

Low: 18°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 10

Average rainy days: 9

July is peak summer in Lake Garda and is the hottest month to visit. As is the case with most destinations, July is one of the most expensive times to visit due as it’s one of the most popular times to go.

There’s still a fairly high chance that it will rain in July, but you may be thankful for some rain as it might cool you down!

 Lake Garda Weather In August

Average temperature: 23°C

High: 28°C

Low: 17°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 9

Average rainy days: 12

Similar to July, August is one of the hottest months to visit Lake Garda. Peak season is in full swing, so expect large crowds.

We’d recommend taking a boat out onto Lake Garda as the winds on the lake should cool you down a lot!

 Lake Garda Weather In September

Average temperature: 19°C

High: 24°C

Low: 14°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 7

Average rainy days: 9

As we mentioned above, September is one of our favourite times to travel to Lake Garda. The weather is warm, but the flights and hotels can be more affordable, whilst there are fewer clouds around Lake Garda too.

Most of the attractions, like Gardaland, still operate at summer opening hours, so you really do get the best of both worlds.

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 Lake Garda Weather In October

Average temperature: 13°C

High: 18°C

Low: 8°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 5

Average rainy days: 8

Like September, October is still pleasant enough to enjoy the warm weather, all whilst you avoid the crowds and the high prices of summer.

We would advise you to pack a coat as it will get chilly, especially in the evenings. Also be aware that attractions and public transport, like the ferries & buses, move from summer timetable to winter timetable, so they can be less frequent.

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Lake Garda Weather In November

Average temperature: 7°C

High: 11°C

Low: 3°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 4

Average rainy days: 11

Thanks to Lake Garda having its own microclimate, November isn’t as cold as the surrounding regions. If you’re prepared to wrap up warm as you set out to explore, then you will still enjoy your time in Lake Garda.

A lot of people travel to Lake Garda in November to enjoy some of the many winter sports the lake and Monte Baldo have to offer.

 Lake Garda Weather In December

Average temperature: 3°C

High: 6°C

Low: -1°C

Average daily sunshine hours: 3

Average rainy days: 9

December is the second coldest time to visit Lake Garda, although compared to surrounding regions it’s quite mild. Christmas in Lake Garda is magical, as decorations pop up in the towns and villages, whilst there are numerous Christmas markets selling hot spiced wine and other festive treats.

There are also plenty of winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, to enjoy too.

Lake Garda Weather By Month

MonthAverage TemperatureHighLow


In summary, Lake Garda is a fantastic place to visit all year round. The summer months are very warm but it never gets too hot, whilst the mild temperatures in the winter mean the temperatures rarely drop below 0°C. Plus, there are plenty of winter sports to enjoy in the mountains in the north of the lake.

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