You are currently viewing Lake Garda Bus Timetables & Routes (2023)

Lake Garda Bus Timetables & Routes (2023)

In this guide, you will find all of the Lake Garda bus timetables and routes.

Getting the bus around Lake Garda is a great way to explore different places on the lake at a reasonable price. It’s also a good option if you are travelling in from Lake Garda from Verona or Brescia, for example.

Whilst trains in Italy are a fast and straightforward way to travel, there are only rail connections on the southern shores of Lake Garda at Peschiera del Garda & Desenzano del Garda, so hopping on a bus is one of your only options.

Ferries on Lake Garda are frequent and also a good way to travel across the lake, but most of the time taking a bus can be much quicker.

Lake Garda Bus Timetables & Routes (2023)

Lake Garda Bus Services – Key Information

Lake Garda is served by a local bus service, which operates along the east coast and west coast of the lake, and a regional bus service, which connects the lake to nearby towns and cities, such as Verona & Brescia.

Below we break getting to Lake Garda by bus from;

As well as lake garda bus timetables and routes for;

Buying bus tickets in Lake Garda

You can buy bus tickets at the majority of bus stops around Lake Garda, as well as on the bus itself.

Lake Garda bus prices

The bus prices in Lake Garda are reasonable, making it an affordable way to travel around the lake. Prices vary depending on the bus route, and your final destination.

Lake Garda bus day pass

You can’t get any day passes for the buses around Lake Garda. You can, however, get a daily or weekly pass for the buses on the ATV line (Verona).

So if you’re heading to and from Lake Garda via Verona, you can make use of a daily or weekly pass.

Getting To Lake Garda By Bus

Verona City Centre
You can get from Verona directly to Lake Garda via bus

Getting to Lake Garda by bus from Verona

Verona is situated just southeast of Lake Garda, so from here you can reach the southern shore and eastern shore.

Bus lines 162, 163, 164 & 185 go from central Verona to Lake Garda, whilst line 482 goes directly from Verona Airport (VRN) to Garda.

The 482 line can get busy at peak times as Verona airport is the nearest airport to Lake Garda, so this route is quite popular.

The full timetables for the above routes can be found below;

The busses that leave from central Verona leave from Piazza Bra, which is located near the Arena di Verona.

Lines 162, 163 & 185 first stop on Lake Garda at Lazise, before stopping at Garda.

Line 164, however, first stops at Peschiera del Garda on the lake and then stops at Lake Garda. So if you’re heading to Peschiera del Garda or Gardaland from Verona then make sure you get line 164.

162, 163 & 185 bus route:

164 bus route:

Getting to Lake Garda by bus from Brescia

Brescia is situated to the southwest of Lake Garda, and from Brescia, you can reach the southern towns of Desenzano del Garda, Sirmione & Peschiera del Garda via line 26 (the Brescia to Verona route).

You can also travel right up the west coast of Lake Garda from Brescia, all the way up to Riva del Garda, which is the northernmost town on Lake Garda, via line s202.

The full timetables can be found below;

Both routes leave Brescia from the Brescia bus station (Brescia autostazione), which is situated in central Brescia.

Line 26 route:

s202 route:

Local Lake Garda Bus Service

As mentioned above, the local bus service covers both the east coast and west coast of Lake Garda.

East Coast Bus Service

The east coast bus service is mainly covered in two parts. The Verona to Lake Garda bus route, which first stops at Peschiera del Garda on the southern tip of the lake, all end at Garda (the town).

If you want to go further than Garda, line 484 goes from Garda all the way up to Riva del Garda.

Line 484 route:

West Coast Bus Service

Limone sul Garda in Lake Garda
You can reach Limone sul Garda on the west coast bus line

Line 27 goes from Desenzano del Garda right the way down the west coast to Riva del Garda.

You can also get the s202 line, which starts in Brescia, from Salo. This line also goes right down the west coast and into Riva del Garda.

Line 27 route:

Lake Garda Bus FAQs

Is there a bus around Lake Garda?

The local Lake Garda bus service is split into two. One serves the east coast, and one serves the west coast.

Both do, however, end up in Riva del Garda, so you could technically travel right around the lake on a bus, but you would need to change over to different bus routes along the way.

How do you get around Lake Garda?

You can get around Lake Garda a number of ways. As well as the bus, you can also travel around Lake Garda on a ferry, or if you want to travel around Lake Garda at your own leisure, you can hire a boat.

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