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Gardaland Theme Park (Our Complete Guide)

Gardaland Resort & Hotel is considered to be one of the best theme park resorts in Europe.

So if you’re looking for things to do with kids in Lake Garda, then look no further than Gardaland.

Here’s everything you need to know about it!

Which Theme Parks Are Part Of Gardaland Resort?

Gardaland Resort is made up of Gardaland Park, Legoland Water Park, SeaLife along with a Gardaland Hotel.

It is owned by Merlin Entertainments, who operate theme parks across the world, including Alton Towers in the UK and Heide Park Resort in Germany.

Where Is Gardaland Resort?

Gardaland Resort is situated just north of Peschiera del Garda in Lake Garda, Italy.

Opening Times

Gardaland Lake Garda
Gardaland theme park in Lake Garda

Between April & June, Gardaland is open daily from 10 am – 6 pm.

During the peak summer months (July to September), Gardaland is open from 10 am – 11 pm at night, 7 days a week.

This changes in the middle of September, with opening times changing to 10 am – 5 pm. The park is also closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

There are then special opening times throughout October and December for Halloween and Christmas-themed days & events. We would recommend checking the Gardaland website for this information as these dates & times can change.

Ticket Prices & Deals

When buying a ticket online, entry to Gardaland is €40. If you want to visit the other attractions within Gardaland, such as Legoland Water Park or SeaLife, you can buy combination tickets. 

Entry to Gardaland: €40

Entry to Gardaland + Legoland Water Park: €60 (this allows you to visit both Gardaland and Legoland Water Park in one day, and then Gardaland on another day)

Entry to Gardaland + SeaLife: €45 (you can either visit both attractions on the same day or visit on consecutive days)

Gardaland Fastpass (Gardaland Express)

You can purchase a fast pass for Gardaland either online or whilst you are at the park.

They currently offer two variations of a fast pass ticket.

The top-tier fast pass is €90 and offers you unlimited fast tracks to 16 rides in total, whilst the second-tier fast pass is €50 and gives you a fast track to 14 rides (to be used only once per ride).

These prices are on top of the ticket prices, so they are quite expensive!

Gardaland Ticket Discounts

There aren’t many discounts on top of buying bundled entries to multiple parks (as mentioned above) but there are a couple of ways you can make your visit to Gardaland slightly cheaper.

If you are thinking of visiting Gardaland more than once in a year then you can join the Gardaland Club or Gardaland Club Plus.

You pay a monthly fee (on top of a €20 one-off activation fee) and you get unlimited access to the park all year round.

Here are the two options you have for this:

Gardaland Club (Gardaland Park + Gardaland SeaLife):

  • €10 per month (minimum 12 month) + €20 one-off activation fee
  • Unlimited admissions to Gardaland & SeaLife (plus other benefits such as free parking + 20% off food)

Gardaland Club Plus (Gardaland Park, Gardaland SeaLife + Legoland Waterpark Gardaland)

  • €10 per month (minimum 12 months) + €20 one-off activation fee
  • Unlimited admissions to Gardaland, SeaLife & Legoland Waterpark (plus other benefits such as free parking + 20% off food)

Another way to save money on Gardaland tickets is if you have an annual pass for any Merlin attractions around the world, you may get a discount to Gardaland and other Merlin attractions. If you do currently have an annual pass for Merlin then we recommend you see what offers you can get for this.

Gardaland Rides

Blue Tornado Gardaland Lake Garda
Blue Tornado rollercoaster in Gardaland

Gardaland has a total of 32 rides, including four major rollercoasters, three water rides, and multiple rides for children.

In terms of thrill rides, the Blue Tornado and Raptor rollercoasters are our personal favorites, and the Flying Island ride is also up there due to the exceptional views you get of Gardaland and Lake Garda at the top.

Peppa Pig Land

There are a number of children’s rides in the main section of Gardaland, but there’s also Peppa Pig Land, which has a total of 5 Peppa Pig-themed rides to keep your little ones happy.

There’s also a chance to meet & greet with Peppa Pig which usually goes down well with the kids.

Food, Drink & Amenities

There are a total of 15 bars and restaurants throughout Gardaland.

There are five big restaurants that have seating (some inside & some outside), some fast-food style options, then there are smaller kiosks throughout the park so you can grab a quick bite to eat whilst on the go.

Best Time To Visit Gardaland

As expected, Gardaland gets busy during the peak summer months.

But we wouldn’t let that put you off as the park is open for 13 hours during this time, so if you plan to stay for the whole duration of opening hours then you will be able to go on every ride (and more!).

April – June is also a good time to visit, as the weather isn’t quite as hot in the summer months and it’s less busy.

October is another good time to visit due to the Halloween events that Gardaland put on each year.

How To Get To Gardaland

Gardaland is relatively easy to get to from most places.

If you are staying in Lake Garda then most towns have around the lake have bus routes that go directly to Peschiera del Garda (and therefore will have a stop by Gardaland).

If you are travelling from outside of Lake Garda, then you can head to Peschiera del Garda train station from Milan, Verona or Venice.

If you are driving from the above places, Gardaland is situated pretty close to the exits of the main state roads, meaning driving from Milan, Verona, or Venice is pretty straightforward.

Verona Airport is the nearest airport to Lake Garda and Gardaland.

Parking At Gardaland

Parking at Gardaland costs €6 for the day, whilst motorcycles and busses can park for free.

Gardaland Hotels + Hotels Nearby

Gardaland Resort has thee themed hotels that are onsite, Gardaland Hotel, Gardaland Adventure Hotel, and Gardaland Magic Hotel.

They are situated just down the road from the theme parks (1.5km), with each hotel offering free shuttle busses to and from the theme parks for guests.

Gardaland Hotel

Gardaland Hotel Lake Garda

Gardaland Hotel is home to the blue lagoon – a large swimming pool area with adults and children pools, a jacuzzi, snack bars & poolside entertainment.

The hotel has nearly 250 rooms, with 37 of these being themed rooms – which we’re sure all children will love!

The hotel also has two bars and two restaurants (one a la carte, one buffet), so you have everything you need if you plan to stay here whilst vising Lake Garda.

Gardaland Adventure Hotel

The Gardaland Adventure hotel is a fully themed hotel with 100 themed rooms.

They come in four different themes, Arctic, Arabian, Jungle, and Wild West. Even the restaurant is themed, based on Tutankhamon’s temple.

Guests can also access the blue lagoon swimming pool in the Gardaland Hotel.

Gardaland Magic Hotel

gardaland magic hotel

As the name suggests, this hotel’s theme is based on magic.

There’s a total of 128 themed rooms here, with the room themes being the Enchanted Forest, Magic Ice Castle, and the Wizard House room.

Guests at this hotel also have access to the blue lagoon swimming pool in the Gardaland Hotel.


In summary, Gardaland Theme Park is a fantastic day out if you are staying in Lake Garda, and should be straight on your to-do list if you are visiting Lake Garda with kids.

There are plenty of rides for all the family, from big rollercoasters to children’s rides (plus Peppa Pig Land!).

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