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Lake Garda In May (Weather + Things To Do)

Lake Garda In May (Weather + Things To Do)

May is one of our favourite times of the year in Lake Garda. The weather is good, there’s lots of activity (but not too much!) and it’s slightly cheaper than in the peak summer months.

Read on to find out the average weather in Lake Garda in May, as well as some of our recommended things to do.

Lake Garda In May

May is a wonderful time to visit Lake Garda. The summer season is coming fully into swing, with tourists flocking to all corners of the lake to soak up the sun and see the wonderful sights Lake Garda has to offer.

Lage Garda Weather In May

Lake Garda Weather In May

Whilst May isn’t the warmest month in Lake Garda, it’s still a great month to visit as the weather is warm. Be warned, there are more average days with rainfall than in April, but we wouldn’t let that put you off visiting in May.

The average temperature is 17°C, with warm highs of 22°C and lows of 11°C.

The average sunshine a day is 6 hours, whilst the average days of rainfall are the most of all months in Lake Garda, at 13.

Is May a good time to visit Lake Garda?

May is a great time to visit Lake Garda. The weather is starting to warm up for summer, and more and more tourist attractions are beginning to open for summer too.

Is it warm in Lake Garda in May?

Whilst May isn’t one of the warmest months in Lake Garda, the average temperature is 17°C, with highs of 22°C and lows of 11°C.

Can you swim in Lake Garda in May?

The best times to swim in Lake Garda are from June – September, but if you don’t mind braving then you will be fine swimming in the lake!

Things To Do In Lake Garda In May

There are plenty of things to do in Lake Garda in May. As we mentioned before, May is the month when tourism really starts to come back for the summer, which means more tourist attractions are open.

Go To A Concert In Verona

Getting to Verona from Lake Garda is straightforward, with the quickest method being the train, which is only about 17 minutes away on the train from Peschiera del Garda train station.

The famous operas at Verona Arena begin in June, but there are a number of concerts in May to choose from, such as a Disney concert or Peter Gabriel. We’d recommend checking out the arena’s official website for information on concerts and tickets.

Go Up Monte Baldo In A Cable Car

With the weather in Lake Garda getting nicer in May, there’s no better place to get some magnificent views of the lake than at the top of Monte Baldo.

You can get the cable car up to the top of Monte Baldo from Malcesine, and at the top, you will be greeted with marvelous views of Lake Garda. There’s also a number of bars at the top so you can enjoy the view with a drink and a bite to eat!

Watch Some Sailing On The Lake

The Europa Cup takes place from the 4th of May – the 7th of May and can be quite a spectacle to watch amidst the mountainous views of northern Lake Garda.

The event is based in Riva del Garda, and we would recommend heading there to get the best views of the boats.

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