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Getting From Verona To Milan

If you’re travelling around Northern Italy, then a visit to both Verona and Milan is a must.

Milan is the fashion capital of the world, whilst Verona has plenty of things to do.

In this guide, we will break down how you travel from Verona to Milan.

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Travelling From Verona To Milan

How do I get from Verona to Milan?

There are a number of ways to get from Verona to Milan. You can take the train, drive or get a bus. In this post, we will take you through each option so you can see which method of transport is for you.

How far is Milan from Verona?

By car, the distance between Milan and Verona is 96.9 miles (156km). As the crow flies, the distance is 88 miles (141km).

How long does it take to get to Milan from Verona?

It can take around 2 hours to drive from Verona to Milan, or 1 hour 12 minutes on the train.

Verona To Milan By Train

Milan Centrale train station from outside
Milan Centrale train station – image via Flickr

Getting the train around Italy is highly recommended as it’s generally a fast and affordable form of travel.

Getting the train between Verona & Milan is no different.

How long does the train take from Verona Porta Nuova to Milan Centrale?

The journey time varies depending on which train you get, but the fastest takes 1 hour and 12 minutes, whilst the slowest train takes 1 hour and 52 minutes.

The trains operated by Italo take 1 hour and 12 minutes and usually operate once every hour or once every two hours.

The Frecciargento trains take 1 hour and 13 minutes and usually operate once every hour.

Is there a high-speed train that operates from Verona Porta Nuova to Milan Centrale?

Yes, the two trains mentioned above, operated by Italo and Frecciargento are high-speed trains.

How much does the train from Verona to Milan cost?

The cheapest train available is the slowest train (it takes one hour and 52 minutes), at €13.46.

You can also get a faster train (operated by Italy), which takes 1 hour 12 minutes, for around €15.73.

Where is Milan Centrale train station?

Despite what the name suggests, Milan Centrale is situated just outside central Milan. It is, however, within walking distance to most places within Milan.

For example, it takes 36 minutes to walk from Milan Centrale to Duomo di Milano.

Where is Verona Porta Nuova train station?

Verona Porta Nuova train station is the main station in Verona, it is situated just south of the city center, and is roughly a 20-minute walk to the city centre.

Driving From Verona To Milan

Duomo di Milano, Milan, Italy
Duomo di Milano

Many people hire cars when visiting Italy so they can see the country at their own leisure. If you do have a hire car then we would recommend taking a trip to Milan from Verona.

How long does it take to drive from Verona to Milan?

It approximately takes 2 hours to drive from Verona to Milan. This is slower than a train but the drive is straightforward and you have the option to stop off at Lake Garda or Brescia on the way to break up the trip and see more of Italy.

What is the best driving route from Verona to Milan?

The quickest route to Milan from Verona city centre takes around 2 hours. In Verona, you head onto the SS12 (south) out of the city and onto the E70. Stay on the E70, passing Lake Garda and Brescia before turning off onto the A35 towards Milan.

There is another route where you carry on going straight after Brescia, onto the A4 towards Bergamo, and then onto the E64 into the north of Milan. This route usually takes around 10 minutes more.

We would recommend checking Google Maps before you set off to see the latest journey times.

Italy Travel Tip: You have to pay a toll to use the motorways in Italy. You can pay in cash or card (contactless) and the toll booths are situated at each exit of the motorway.

What is there to see between Verona and Milan?

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Brescia, in the evening time
Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta – Brescia

If you are driving and want to break up your trip or see more of Italy on the way, then there are a couple of places you can stop.

Firstly, you can visit the southern tip of Lake Garda, including Peschiera del Garda & Sirmione. These are popular tourist destinations within Lake Garda, and Sirmione is good if you are travelling with kids.

Italy Travel Tip: If you are travelling with kids and want to make a day of it in Lake Garda whilst on the way to Milan, we would recommend visiting Gardaland.

On the route from Verona to Milan, you drive directly past the turn-off at Peschiera del Garda on the E70. This is the exit you would take to get to both Peschiera del Garda & Sirmione, so it’s not a particularly large de-tour.

Another sight-seeing spot you drive directly past is Brescia. Brescia is home to numerous Roman buildings, including a medieval castle and a cathedral.

Despite it being a large city with historical buildings, it’s also not somewhere tourists would usually visit over other cities, so it’s a good chance to explore somewhere you may have missed, all whilst breaking up the drive.

Where to park in Milan when you get there?

Something to be aware of when driving into Milan is the ZTL (Zona a Traffico Limitato), which is a traffic-restricted zone. This is the central and historical area of Milan, so parking is more expensive here than in other areas of the city.

There is also plenty of curbside parking around Milan, but the closer you get to the center the more expensive it is.

We would recommend searching for ‘ATM’ car parks (these are run by the public transport company in Milan) that are outside the traffic restricted zone. These car parks are close to underground stations and bus stops, meaning you can then get into the city center via public transport.

One of the car parks we would recommend is Parcheggio Crescenzago, as it’s on the side you drive in from Verona, and it’s right next to the Crescenzago underground station which can take you into central Milan. The parking rates are quite cheap, which you can see below:

Duration Price
Up to 5 hours€1.50
5 – 10 hours€2.00
Over 10 hours€2.50

Getting A Bus From Verona To Milan

Another way we would recommend travelling between Verona and Milan is by bus. 

Specifically via Itabus, which is an Italian bus company which has routes linking all the major Italian cities.

With Itabus, you can get a bus from Verona to Milan from €4.97 – although sometimes the prices are €8.97 or €10.97.

The Itabus takes longer than both driving or getting the train, but it still only takes between 2 hours 20 minutes – 2 hours and 50 minutes.

One huge plus about travelling with Itabus is that it’s a comfortable journey. The seats are very comfortable, there’s Wi-Fi, toilets, sockets to charge your devices and there’s even a vending machine.

Itabus leaves Verona for Milan three times a day, at the following times:

16:10, 18:15 & 20:45.

Itabus coach stations (Verona & Milan)

Itabus leaves from Verona just outside Verona Porta Nueva train station.

When arriving in Milan, the coach will drop you off at Milan Lampugnano bus station.

This is situated on the outskirts of the city, close to the San Siro stadium.

From here, you can take a short walk (between 15-20 minutes) to QT8 underground station, where you can get a train into central Milan.


The journey from Verona to Milan can be fast & affordable, so we recommend taking the trip to see Milan whilst you are in Verona or the surrounding area.

Here’s a recap of the options you have:

  • By train (quickest route)
  • By car (cheap parking and can see other sights on the way)
  • By bus (affordable & high comfort on Itabus)

We would also recommend taking a trip from Verona to Venice or Verona to Lake Garda whilst you are in Italy, as both are easy to get to from Verona and inexpensive.

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